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The Rain Man Offer

Introducing an off-shoot to The Antenna Guy - The Rain Man.

When the weather’s fine you can see The Antenna Guy on rooves in your neighbourhood. But not so on rainy days. The phone rings for TV antenna installations and jobs for that rainy day have to be re-scheduled.

Why not take advantage and have me put my “Rain Man” hat on and help you shop for, install and teach you how to run your new TV or other multimedia and home entertainment gear, etc? This keeps me gainfully employed on a day that I cannot install antennae. My rates would be lower on these days, bearing in mind that I cannot get to do my main outdoor jobs.

I can accompany you to retail stores where I can assess your needs and liaise with salespersons on your behalf and for your benefit so you get what is just right for you. I can discuss the various pros and cons regarding the many and varied home entertainment systems and their power requirements, warrantees and backup services.

  • Call me any time it’s raining for advice on shopping for the right choice.
  • Arrange to meet and assess your requirements.
  • Go shopping for the equipment with you.
  • Liaise with the sales staff and compare pricing, backup services and warrantees before buying.
  • Take the purchases back to your home, install and tune it up.
  • Coach you on the various operations that the gear can do for you.
  • Take notes and make a laminated ‘cheat-sheet-s’ for your coffee table on how the various functions work in a step by step easy to follow way.
  • Keep those records on file so that I can be able to tell you over the phone which buttons to press for various functions to your system.
  • Future-proof your choices so that you have enough connections to add other devices to your new system.
  • Test your TV signals in the home. Make notes if the reception needs to be improved for a sunny day and add you to my diary for that work.
  • Keep your ‘cheat-sheets” up to date and change customer records whenever you add or replace individual components. I can then send you the upgraded ‘cheat-sheets’ and discuss the new or different functions with you.
  • If you’re not in a hurry, phone ahead so I can contact you the next time I’m available to assist you.

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